I was about my son’s age, 11-12 or so, when I visited my grandparents in Baltimore City. For me though, this was no ordinary visit. That day, my life changed. My grandfather taught me how to cast a fly rod. Shortly after that, he taught me how to tie flies. The following Easter, my parents bought me my first fly rod. It was an Eagle Claw Featherweight. Not the best rod, by far, but it did the job. I was hooked and have been fly fishing ever since.

Fly Fishing a6034rdOne thing I learned quickly is that as much as I loved fly fishing, I really loved sharing the sport that I had discovered. It was only a matter of time that I founded a club to bring fly fishermen together.

That is the sole purpose of this club. To bring fly fishermen together. Freshwater trout, saltwater striped bass, Florida Keys’ bonefish, and all other species. When you pull that line off the water to make a back cast, we all share the same feeling. The same passion. The same joy.Spring Creek 091613

The club is very simple. There are no membership fees. There are no politics. Come as you are, no matter where you fish or what you fish for, as long as you use a fly rod to catch it, you are a member.

The only thing that is asked of you is that you share the passion of this great sport with others. Share fly patterns. Share techniques.

I have been fly fishing pretty much my whole life. But I feel like it only the beginning.

– Rich Dennison, founder of Fly Anglers Fishing Club